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Birds’ Festival 2014



Birds’ Festival 2014

The Granville School Birds’ Festival is held each year close to St Valentine’s Day and is one of four annual festivals inspired by Miss Makin, our founder.   Valentines Day is the traditional day when the nesting season for birds begin, so it is no surprise that Granville holds a birds’ festival at this time of year.

Interesting fact:  In parts of Sussex Valentines Day was called ‘the Birds’ Wedding Day’.


The Granville Birds’ Festival is a culmination of a wide variety of interesting  work on birds that children in the Early Years and Junior departments have been enjoying at the beginning of the Spring term.  During the festival the girls and boys  perform a mixture of songs and poems to the school and to parents. They also decorate their classrooms with wonderful bird displays




Reception were transformed into Robins for the Birds’ Festival. The girls each made a robin mask to wear while they recited their class poem “The Robin’s Prayer”.  It was a poem with an important message: to make sure we leave out food and water for birds during the winter so they stay healthy and ready for Spring.  Reception then sang a lovely song, “Little Bird”, complete with actions. We really enjoyed learning about birds and performing our poem and song for everyone.

Nursery learnt a poem and a song about robins.  They were called ‘Two little robins sitting on a wall’ and ‘I saw a little robin’. The children learnt all the words and the actions too! They practiced in front of an audience, then we stood on the stage and sang to the big girls.


For some members of Transition, the Birds’ Festival  was their first appearance on the Granville stage. Everyone said their poem in a big voice and remembered all the words. The poem was a counting bird rhyme and very tricky to keep track of the number of birds. When it came to the song, Transition sang their hearts out and accompanied their singing with a range of actions.


Class 1 gave a splendid rendition of a humorous song about Penguins who live in Antarctic lands.



Class 2 sang an old Jamaican favourite ‘Yellow Bird’ with a catchy calypso rhythm that left us all humming all day!