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Kindergarten Yellow Room and Reception visit Godstone Farm



Kindergarten Yellow Room and Reception visit Godstone Farm

Kindergarten Yellow Room

It was an exciting day on Thursday for Kindergarten Yellow Room. We all went off early in the morning for a ride in an enormous coach armed with our picnic lunch in a backpack. When we arrived, we were shown our picnic barn and given lots of information to take in, such as how to wash our hands properly after stroking the animals.
Then it was off for a tractor ride! We strangely spotted a few dinosaurs hiding on the way.
After that, we went and visited lots of farm animals. We saw sheep and their baby lambs, goats, enormous sows with their piglets and some cattle. Everybody had the chance to pet some animals. We were able to stroke a very soft rabbit and some children were lucky enough to hold a rabbit on their lap. The three week old piglets were a delight to stroke as they rushed around squealing. Everybody enjoyed their picnic lunch after carefully washing their hands. We saw hens and geese with curly feathers, who looked very funny. There were lots of puddles for us to splash in! Before going home there was time to have a play in the soft play area which had lots of big slides and climbing places. We all learnt lots about the animals and it was a great finale to our farm topic!





Going on the big coach was a cause for excitement so you can imagine what the tractor ride meant to us!
We learnt so much about the animals on the farm, how to care for them and what they do for us by providing our food. We fed the pigs some Sow Rolls for their breakfast and they were very pleased to see us!
Penny the Pig was happy that it wasn’t too hot as she can get sunburned, that’s why pigs roll in the muddy puddles – to cool themselves down and protect them from the sun. She had a litter of piglets six weeks ago and they were very funny – they kept running back and forth practising for the pig races that happen over Easter at the farm. Her piglets have spots because their dad is a Gloucester Old Spot.
In the Main Barn we saw lots of Ewes, the mummy sheep, some who were ready to lamb and others who already had their babies. We discovered that the Ewe has a number painted on her that matches the lambs that belong to her. Many of the ewes had twins who seemed to be quite cheeky!
We were also able to stroke some smaller animals: Bubbles the rabbit and Crunchie the guinea pig who both had very soft fur and their eyes are on the side of their head to help them watch out for predators. Then we met Georgina the tortoise, who at 86 years old is the oldest creature at the farm. We were surprised how soft the skin on her legs was compared to her hard shell.
Going to Godstone Farm was great fun but it was such a good way to learn about the animals we have been studying.