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School Policies

The school has a large number of policies to provide to staff, pupils and parents with clear information about its organisation and practice.  Selected policies are available to download below, other policy documents are available from the School Office on request.

Our school policies are published in Adobe Reader format.
(To download Adobe Reader, click here.)


Admissions Policy


Curriculum Policy

     pdfSafeguarding Policy  pdfComplaints Policy
pdf Health and Safety Policy pdf  First Aid and Medical Policy


EAL Policy


Anti-Bullying Policy


Learning Development Policy (SEND)


Promotion of Good Behaviour

Educational Visitspdf    pdfComputing and ICT Policy
 pdf  Administrating Medicines Policy  pdfEducational Visits EYFS
 pdfFire Risk Assessment and Fire Procedure


Storing of Images Policy

     Lost Child and Missing Child Procedurepdf  Equal Opportunities Pupil Policypdf
 pdfSMSC Policy  E -Safety Policypdf