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Year 2 Off To Egypt



Year 2 Off To Egypt

Last week Class 2 went to Chiddingstone Castle.

We wrapped people up as mummies, dressed up and saw a real mummified cat! It was great fun! We mummified each other. We took a trip around the River Nile and dug up treasures. We had a really fun time on our trip. By Lexie and Chloe

On Class 2’s trip the best activity was wrapping people up in bandages. The first activity we did was to go in the labyrinth. Then we went to the museum inside the castle to answer some questions. We were separated into four groups. Two groups went to see the coffin lid and the others did activities and then we swapped. At the end we made a small cardboard coffin. We bought things from the shop like scarab beetles, shabti and papyrus. By Madeleine and Avalie

At Chiddingstone Castle we played in a labyrinth. We dug in the sandpit and found rocks that looked like scarab beetles and mummies. We wrapped Miss Whatty and Mrs Cook as mummies. We saw a real mummy case. When we finished our lunch we played Dodge Ball. Then we had a walk in the woods. By Carlijn and Sophia

On 7th June we went to Chiddingstone Castle. We saw a real mummified cat. It was scary! We mummified each other. By Milly and Emma

We went to Chiddingstone Castle. Our favourite thing was the dressing up and wrapping people up as mummies and going in the woods. We were queens and kings at one point. In the woods we saw a cave with bats in and a house with no roof. We also went on the bridge and had a photo on the bridge. By Hattie and Sophie A

At Chiddingstone Castle we dressed up as Egyptians. Then we got wrapped up as mummies. We went in a labyrinth which is a bit like a maze. We all had teams. By Valya and Sade
When we went on our trip we ran in a maze and we had to find Egyptian artefacts in the sand pit. Then we wrapped each other in bandages. It was fun and it felt like walking like a penguin! By Greta and Nethuki

On our trip to Chiddingstone Castle we dressed up and pretended we were married. It was great fun! Then we had lunch. It was yummy! After lunch we played Dodge Ball and went for a walk in the woods. By Amelie and Isabel


Our favourite bit was wrapping up the teachers. We loved the maze too and we loved dressing up. By Sophie B and Erin

We wrapped each other in bandages like a mummy and put the Book of the Dead under the bandages. We wrapped Miss Whatty up in bandages. It was really fun. Nearly the whole of Class 2 helped! We all went to the grass maze too. It was really fun! By Jessica D and Emmy

When we were at Chiddingstone Castle our favourite part was getting wrapped up as mummies and seeing the lid of the sarcophagus. We liked going around the maze and finding all the different things. At the end of the school trip we bought things from the shop. We loved our school trip! By Harriet J and Jessica B