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Year 5 Residential Trip



Year 5 Residential Trip

Near the end of June, Year 5 spent four days in Sussex with Mrs Cross, Mrs Whiting, Mrs Smith, Mrs Harrington and Mrs Collins. The trip was a huge success and we were extremely fortunate to have such lovely weather! As always, the food at The Beachcroft Hotel was delicious, the hotel staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating and overall a great time was had by all.

On Tuesday the girls travelled by coach to Portsmouth, where they visited the Spinnaker Tower. They had a marvellous time leaping around on the glass floor 100 metres up in the air and announcing that it wasn’t scary at all! They took lots of photos of their antics and enjoyed the look of horror on Mrs Cross’ face when they were dancing across the walkway! After a lovely picnic lunch in the sunshine, the girls visited the Mary Rose Museum. They took part in an excellent interactive workshop where they learned a lot about the crew of the ship. This was followed by a guided tour of the museum, where the girls learned even more about this amazing Tudor ship. In the afternoon, they enjoyed getting settled into their hotel rooms, followed by a delicious dinner, before heading off on a bracing walk along the seafront. The day ended with the girls enjoying a mug of hot chocolate before heading off to bed.

Wednesday brought more excellent weather and the girls spent a busy day at Arundel Wetland Centre learning about different types of birds and how they have adapted to their environments. They enjoyed a very calming and leisurely boat ride, they fed some of the many species of birds and they also took part in a pond-dipping session, where they found and identified a wide range of insects and other creatures. One group was even fortunate enough to find a baby newt! The day was rounded off nicely by a trip to a traditional sweet shop in Bosham and a sketching session, where the girls drew some lovely pictures of the boats and the picturesque landscape.

Thursday brought yet more glorious weather and a day at the Weald and Downland Open-Air Museum, where the girls donned their Tudor costumes and took part in apothecary, Tudor games and textiles workshops. They learned a lot about life in a Tudor village and their behaviour was excellent. In the evening they returned to the hotel for a spot of ‘Granville’s Got Talent’ where the teachers enjoyed a range of performances, including acting, dancing, singing, magic and comedy. Who knew that the girls were so talented!

On Friday the girls packed their suitcases, checked out of the hotel and travelled to West Wittering where they spent several very creative hours at the beach, building sand sculptures and enjoying the sunshine. They enjoyed a spot of lunch at the beach café followed by an ice-cream or a slushy in the sunshine. By the end of the afternoon the girls were all tired and looking forward to seeing their families again, but they all agreed that they had had a lovely time on their little holiday and many hadn’t missed their parents half as much as they expected to!

During their time away, the girls were incredibly well-behaved and their politeness and good manners were complimented by many members of the public, both in the hotel and on their excursions. Taking school children on a school trip can be a very tiring and sometimes stressful experience, but we can honestly say that due to the girls’ sensible and courteous behaviour the trip was highly enjoyable for everyone involved. They should be very proud of themselves for making such a good impression and for being so mature and independent. I would like to say a huge thank you to the girls for their exemplary behaviour and for making the trip so much fun. I would also like to say a huge thank you to the members of staff who gave up their time to accompany us on the trip. It was due to the excellent teamwork and positive attitude of all the adults involved, that the trip was such a success.