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2016 Results and Scholarships



2016 Results and Scholarships

Congratulation to all of the girls in Year 6. Through excellent teaching and  their hard work, dedication and determination every girl is going to a school where they will thrive. We are very proud of them all.

Independent School Exams

All twenty nine girls made entries to independent schools and fifty three places were offered.

Independent Schools 2016

 Applications MadeOffersPlaces Accepted
Kent College13132
Walthamstow Hall21219
Woldingham 542


Thirteen scholarships or exhibitions were awarded.

Eleanor AWalthamstow HallSports Exhibition
Lucinda BKent CollegeAcademic
Kara DBenendenAcademic Exhibition
Kara DWalthamstow HallSport Exhibition
Sasha FKent CollegeMusic
Sasha FWalthamstow HallMusic Exhibition
Heather GKent CollegeAcademic
Emma HKent CollegeDrama
Telia GWalthamstow HallSports Exhibition
Nicole JWoldinghamArt
Isabelle MWalthamstow HallSports Exhibition
LucyBenendenBarbara Findlay Trust Music
LucyKent CollegeMusic


State School

 OffersPlaces accepted
Weald of Kent Grammar32
Tunbridge Wells Grammar10