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Able, Gifted and Talented



Able, Gifted and Talented

The Granville School acknowledges the importance for girls who are able, gifted and talented. We believe every girl has the right to receive our assistance in achieving her potential. They should feel challenged and stimulated by the range of activities available to them. We plan our teaching in such a way as to ensure each girl reaches her highest level of personal achievement and this includes those girls who have been identified as being able, gifted or talented.


We provide many opportunities for the girls to recognise and develop their gifts and talents, both within and outside the classroom setting. Our broad and varied curriculum, together with the extensive subject knowledge of our specialist teachers, enables them to develop their skills to full potential. Girls can enter national competitions such as Primary Maths Challenge or participate in inter-school events for various subjects such as English or languages as well as sport and music.


Outside of the classroom we offer all the girls an extensive and exciting range of after-school clubs and a full programme of whole-school enrichment activities where they can broaden and deepen their learning experiences or discover new talents.


The School has an Able, Gifted and Talented Policy which is available on request.