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Brilliant Birdwatching



Brilliant Birdwatching

Lots of girls took part in the annual RSPB birdwatch last weekend, and returned their results to the school.

We are delighted we have so many ornithologists (the word for birdwatchers) and some girls even described the sounds they heard different birds make.

Year 4 also played ‘Birdwatch Top Trumps’, to become even more familiar with the types of birds native to the UK.



The results are now with the RSPB, which helps them understand what is happening to the numbers of different species of birds all over the UK. It helps the RSPB know which species need protecting and how this bit of Kent is doing compared to other parts of the country for offering a good habitat for birds.

Thank you for being part of this!

We will be displaying our results next half term in the cloisters, so you too can know more about what sorts of birds live in our local area.