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County Champions

Lily, Telia, Lucinda and Lucy played some fantastic tennis at the County Championships on Wednesday at Bromley High.  The team tournament showcased the best players from around Kent.

Each girl played a singles match, then paired up for doubles. Matches only lasted six minutes, so it was very fast and furious!  The girls started the competition off strongly, playing against Bromley High 1, Crofton, Lady Boswells and Bromley High 4. Having won the box stage of the competition  the girls went on to the semi-final and played Amherst.  They battled hard against Amherst and came out on top, progressi
ng to the final where they would meet Bromley High 1 once again.  In the group stage these had been very tough matches, so it was going to be close!  The outcome of the match was down to the doubles, Telia and Lily pulled out a win and Lucy and Lucinda drew meaning we were crowned champions.

A superb results, well done girls!