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Cross Country Results



Cross Country Results

The cross country team travelled to Ashford on 6th March. Year 3 and Year 4 had a 1.5 km race and Year 5 and Year 6 had a 3km distance. This particular event is always interesting because the girls run at the same time as the boys, although not competing against one another the dynamics of the race is completely different!

The Granville had some fantastic results across all ages.

Year 3
4th Olivia, 5th Katie, 7th Emma, 9th Daisy, 10th Annabelle, 11th Hope, 13th Bella and Isla 22nd.

The team had the most amount of runners in the top 10!

Year 4
3rd Jasmine, 7th Alice, 13th Annabel, 14th Dido, 16th Charlie, 22nd Clemmie and 24th Amy.

Year 5
2nd Amber, 3rd Amie, 5th Bella, 20th Kammy, 32nd Josie, 36th Charlotte and 42nd Hannah

Year 6
2nd Belle, 3rd Cara, 9th Lucy and 16th Amelie

Great team effort, well done girls!