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Early Years Sports Day



Early Years Sports Day

WOW! What an exciting and fun time was had by Nursery and Transition in their Early Years’ Sports Day. All the children arrived in their brightly coloured red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white clothes representing their teams. They all sat excited under the gazebos ready for their big chance to show off some of the skills that they have practised this term.

First up, was the ‘Over and Under’ race where they had to run down the track jumping over mini hurdles and ducking through hoops on their way. This obstacle race was great fun and the children performed brilliantly. Next was the ‘Wimbledon Wobble’, where the children had to balance a bean bag on a tennis racquet whilst running down the track. Again, there was some super speedy running with a few drops along the way, but all continued on to the finishing line with their bean bag on top. Then on to the ‘Buckets and Spades’ race which the children all really enjoyed. Off they set, the children had to pick up a bucket and then continue on, collecting various items along the way to put into their buckets such as a ball, spade and bean bag. Great Fun! And finally we ended with the ‘Sprint to the Sea’ race. All the boys and girls did some excellent sprint starts and were able to display their improved running style as they sprinted as quickly as they could to the finish line. Everyone received stickers for their per- formance and the girls and boys were all very pleased with their efforts.

It was so lovely to see them having such a fun time with the support of the enthusiastic spectators!

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