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Healthy Eating



Healthy Eating

“Lunch is a pleasant, unrushed occasion with plenty of nutritious food available.”
ISI Report 2011

Our children are encouraged to eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

For those children attending Breakfast Club  we offer a variety of healthy cereals, toast, fruit juice and a hot drink.

Children are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack for breaks such as fruit and vegetable crudities. Milk is available as an additional cost  Chocolate biscuits, crisps and fizzy drinks are not permitted.

Our school lunches are freshly prepared each day by our in house catering staff and there is a wide variation of nutritious foods served with fresh vegetables and fruit. We cater for vegetarians, and for pupils with food allergies and for those with specific dietary needs. A hot meal is served every day with additional choices made available to our older girls. Staff sit with the girls in the Dining Hall.

For children staying for After School Care, toast and/or sandwiches are served.

The menus are planned in advance by our catering manager Mrs Guy, who would be happy to talk through any specific concern or worry you may have.

Click here to to visit our School Lunch Menu page