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Hemsley Conservation Centre Visit The Granville



Hemsley Conservation Centre Visit The Granville

On Wednesday, 15th November the whole school were visited by the Hemsley Conservation Centre.

We all learnt lots about unusual animals, including how to be respectful of animals even if they are not our favourites!

Kindergarten impressed with their brave behaviour around hissing cockroaches and a royal python. Lots of the children even stroked the python! They learnt that the skin of the python is made from the same material as the shell of the cockroaches.

Reception saw Pepe the skunk and Milly the millipede. The millipedes had about 400 legs and had hard smooth backs to help protect them from birds.
Years 1 and 2 met some minibeasts- a golden knee tarantula and sun beetles. They learnt all about how insects and spiders differed, and heard about how tarantulas shed their skin by turning onto their backs and wiggling through a crack!

Year 3 met Pepe the striped skunk. They learnt about his diet and saw his huge canines as he munched on a sweet potato.

Year 4 saw Otis the armadillo and the python. Otis formed a tight ball from his armour plates to protect himself from any predators.

Year 5 met Pepe the skunk, Milly the millipede and Otis the armadillo. They recapped the groups that animals are sorted into by scientists and thought about which groups the animals they saw fitted into.

Year 6 met Otis the armadillo and the millipedes. They learnt that millipedes can release concentrated iodine from pores in their skin to make themselves taste foul and irritate any potential predators.

So many fun facts were shared, but some girls wished they could have spent more time with the animals. Hemsley Conservation Centre is only half an hour away from Sevenoaks and it is open daily for anyone wishing to say ‘Hi’ to Pepe again from us at The Granville.