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The focus of our teaching is to make History fun whilst at the same time helping pupils to develop a sense of identity through learning about aspects of local, national and world history. We also aim to introduce children to the skills with which we understand and interpret the past. Many different resources are used including History Days at school, fieldwork trips, handling artefacts and the use of ICT and audio visual material to stimulate the children’s interest. A new venture for 2017-18 is our application for a History Quality Mark from the Historical Association to recognise and celebrate all the history teaching and learning that happens at The Granville.

In Key Stage 1, children are taught about the everyday lives of people from the past. They are given the opportunity to explore this within their own families and the local community, extending to knowledge about famous people and events from Britain’s past.

In Key Stage 2 the range and depth of historical understanding is increased with pupils being encouraged to understand chronology, interpretation, evidence and developing an appreciation of cause and effect. This is achieved through the study of a range of topics from Ancient Greece to Modern Britain.

Through this subject, we aim to develop a love of History as well as the ability to reason, question and debate. By the time they leave The Granville, pupils are expected to explain, make judgements, justify their answers and undertake independent enquiry.