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IAPS Kent County Athletics Championships



IAPS Kent County Athletics Championships


Ten girls from Years 5 and 6 were selected to attend the IAPS Kent County Athletics championships at the Julie Rose International Stadium in Ashford. The girls brought back two golds, two silvers and a bronze medal, as well as competing exceptionally well for minor placings in events. Lauren B won the Shot, with a massive throw of 6m 89cm. She was 1st out of 23 throwers. Lauren also just missed out on qualifying for the final eight of the 100m race by one hundredth of a second!

Lucinda W won the Javelin with a throw of 19m 56cm, out of 24 throwers.

Maddie W was 2nd in a very fast 800m race, but 2m 41.79s safely sees her through to the Nationals, as she was nine seconds within the qualifying time.

Kara D was 2nd out of 39 in the Long Jump, with a jump of 3m 68cm. She was also 8th in the 1500m

Eva M was 3rd in the Discus out of 17, throwing 14m 16cm.

Telia G was 5th in the 1500m race, and Lucinda White was also 5th in the County for Discus. Lucinda was unlucky to throw just outside of the landing area with a massive throw that would surely have won!

Venetia B and Helen E were 9th in the Kent in Shot and 100m respectively.

Emily B and Eva M took part in the 200m race and Georgina V took part in Javelin.

The 4 x 100m relay team missed out on qualifying for the final eight be less than a second.

GOOD LUCK to Lauren, Lucinda and Maddie who travel to Birmingham next week to represent KENT in the IAPS National Athletics championships.