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Inspection Reports



Inspection Reports

The school was inspected by the ISI in May 2017. We are delighted and excited by the outcomes of these reports.

Two reports were created one for Compliance the other for Education Quality.


The school was deemed to be compliant in every area.

Education Quality

This covers two main areas:
• Pupils’ academic and other achievements
• Pupils’ personal development

We are thrilled that in both sections we have received the highest possible grade of ‘excellent’. This confirms everything the staff work so hard to achieve:
• providing the children with an excellent all round education
• providing excellent pastoral care to support all areas of their personal development.

Both of these components are essential to the success of our pupils.

Pupils’ Academic and Other Achievements

Pupils benefit from and excellent all round education – an atmosphere of enjoyable, collaboratively endeavour permeates school life, and is reflected in high achievement across a wide range of academic and other disciplines.

Central to the excellent academic standards throughout the school is the quality of teaching: well prepared lessons are taught with clarity and a high level of professional expertise.

The pupils’ wholehearted approach to all that they undertake helps them to make the most of their abilities.

Pupils build rapidly on prior attainment and make swift academic progress.The pupils are outstandingly articulate and they express themselves confidently in conversation, in the classroom and on the public stage.

Pupils achieve success and fulfilment across a wide range of activities and pursuits.

Pupils’ Personal Development

The pupils’ excellent personal development is supported extremely well by the fact that the school is a joyous place in which to work and play.

The pupils display resilience, independence and increasing self-awareness in their responses to academic and other challenges.

Pupils have a clear sight of right and wrong, they behave exceptionally well.The pupils are confident and co-operative in their dealings with staff and one another.

Pupils display care and concern for others, across all age groups.

The pupils recognise that each can make a positive contribution to their school and to the wider community.

The inspectors have to give recommendations. It is unusual only to have one, again highlighting how impressed the inspectors were with the school. The recommendation to ‘develop the use of electronic tablets throughout the school and across the curriculum’ was already being addressed as in the week prior to the inspection we ordered another 30 iPads, due to the generosity of FOG, our parents’ association.

Current Inspection Reports

The Granville School Educational Quality Inspection Report 2017 (PDF)

The Granville School Focused Compliance Inspection Report 2017 (PDF)


Previous Inspection Reports

The Granville Inspection Report June 2011 (PDF)