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Mission Statement



Mission Statement

At The Granville we aim to set the highest academic and pastoral standards. The staff identify and develop the full potential and natural talents of each individual child in order to prepare them for a fulfilled, happy and productive life.


“Pupils benefit from an excellent all-round education………An atmosphere of enjoyable, collaborative endeavour permeates school life, and is reflected in high achievement across a wide range of academic and other disciplines.”
ISI Report 2017

  • Providing a broad, stimulating and ambitious curriculum which encourages children to develop a love of lifelong learning.
  • Providing excellent teaching across the curriculum which enables all children to develop their natural talents.
  • Setting high, but realistic, targets within an organised structure where there is an ethos of individual excellence and consistently high expectations.
  • Celebrating each child’s unique abilities, progress and achievements.
  • To identify and support children with SEN ensuring that the curriculum is accessible and they can make good progress.
  • To provide challenge for our pupils who are recognised as being more Able, Gifted and/or Talented.
  • Teaching those skills which enable children to develop knowledge and understanding of the world, its people and cultures, both past and present.
  • Introducing the children to the skills and safe use of modern technology through high quality lessons which equip them for their future lives.
  • Encouraging children to develop an appreciation of art, drama and music and providing opportunities for everyone to perform to the best of their abilities.
  • Providing opportunities for all children to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, together with access to a full programme of high quality sporting activities.
  • Enhancing and fostering children’s knowledge of the environment so that they become aware of the need to conserve and care for its resources.

Personal Development

“The pupils’ excellent personal development is supported extremely well by the fact that the school is a joyous place in which to work and play.”
ISI Report 2017

  • Supporting children to allow them to develop the confidence to lead fulfilled and independent lives.
  • Encouraging children to display initiative and integrity by developing the confidence to take risks in their learning through critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Creating an atmosphere in which the children have respect for others within the whole school community through positive and proactive relationships.
  • Promoting organisational skills and self-evaluation.
  • Encouraging the children to contribute to the community beyond The Granville; respecting and appreciating the differences between cultures, religions and individuals.
  • Enhancing the children’s knowledge, understanding and appreciation of British values.
  • Creating a happy environment in which children feel safe, secure and valued.
  • Offering a caring atmosphere where children’s individual needs are respected and considered.