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National Success



National Success

It was a very early start for the U11 rounders team on Thursday, leaving school at 7.15am we headed to Windlesham House for the semi-final of the National Rounders Competition.

The competition, which started in April, saw the Granville team travel many miles progressing through the competition. The girls dedication has been superb throughout, coming into school every morning for extra training even a day after a match!

Once we arrived at Windlesham House in West Sussex, we inspected the ground and decided football boots were the way to go! A very slippery surface was not going to help our runs. Our semi-final match was against Cheam, they won the toss so decided to bat first. The Granville’s fielding was strong but Cheam kept getting half rounders, chipping away and hitting the ball along the ground, we could not get them out. The 1st innings went on for ages and eventually we got them all out for 11.5. By the time our girls went into bat they were feeling exhausted. To say we did not get off to a good start is an understatement, we were all out for 1.5 rounders! Because of the score being so low we had to bat again straight away, it was almost impossible to come back from such a low score. Our girls, being so competitive, dug deep and pulled each other up! It was going to be tough but the Granville girls never gave up, with complete focus and desire Telia was up first and smashed the ball to get a rounder. The girls became alive! Gradually the score was increasing, we were getting more and more rounders. They kept plugging away, taking every opportunity they could. By taking risks we got the score to 13.5. Cheam only needed two rounders to win, with unlimited balls Cheam were certainly through to the final! I have never seen a second innings like it, Cheam came out and one by one we got them out! With some amazing catches and tactical  fielding Cheam were struggling to score. Myself and the Granville supporters stood in amazement as the Granville team pulled out an incredible turn around.  We managed to keep their score to 2.5 rounders totalling 13.5. By this time other spectators and officials were watching in astonishment, how did our girls get a draw. This now meant that both teams had one bat each, Granville batted first, scoring 1.5 rounders. Cheam went in and they also scored 1.5 rounders. Again we had to have 1 bat each, the tension was immense some of us could barely watch. We scored a strong 2.5, surely this time it would be enough to get through to the National Final final! Cheam got their score to two with one runner left, it was all down to this. Eleanor had been bowling well all day, she had to keep calm because if she gave away two no balls they score half a rounder. The Cheam girls missed the ball and ran to first at the same time Eleanor had caught the ball in bowling square meaning she had to stop. Final score 17.5 to 17, the game actually lasted three hours. An extraordinary win for The Granville, we had reached the National Final.

The girls were exhausted by the time they played their final against Witham Hall from Lincolnshire.  It had been such an emotional rollercoaster in the morning our girls had nothing left. We battled well against a very good side who’s fielding was very slick. The Granville girls unfortunately lost but should be proud to now be able to say we are 2nd in the country!

Every girl performed to such a high standard I was blown away by all of them.