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Nature Artist Visit 2016



Nature Artist Visit 2016

Wildlife artist, John Tyson, visited The Granville School on 7th October 2016. He taught various skills to all the girls.


Reception learnt that there are different ways to hold a pencil when you are drawing.

Class 1& 2: Sketched a Barn Owl
They created a sense of movement in flight, with long wings and flowing feathers, while detail was minimal.


Some of Class 3 & 4 got a little wet when their work was held vertically and sprayed with water. Bars of colour ran down the page and blended together to create a lovely background.


Class 5 and 6 used charcoal and watercolour paints to create hedgehogs and foxes; finishing their work with spattering to make the paintings even more vibrant.


The girls work will be on display in the Entrance Hall, the Art Room and in the Classrooms