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Four wins against Derwent Lodge



Four wins against Derwent Lodge

Four wins against Derwent Lodge

U11A’s won 14-12

This was a tough match against strong opposition. Granville started well, and found space to receive in. After the first quarter, the teams were separated by just one goal, with Granville leading 3 – 2. The second quarter was very good for Granville, and the team worked well as a unit to play the ball down the court. At half time, Granville had an 8 – 5 lead. DL picked up their game after the break, and made the most of height in their attacking circle. Both teams scored three goals in the third quarter, and DL had the better final quarter. Venetia and Cara linked well to score for Granville; Maddie was dominant in the centre area, supported by Florrie and Eva and our defence of Lauren and Kitty played well to prevent DL from scoring more. The U11A team have won all six of their matches this term.

U11B’s won 8 – 4

The B team have been working hard all season, and it was good to finish with another sound victory. Maddy and Emily ran their socks off in attack or defence, and were very noticeable in the centre area. Granville were two goals up after the first quarter. Georgina had another good game as GA. Eva and Florrie played out of position as GS, and both scored! Isobel, Lauren and Kitty were able to intercept loose passes to turn over possession. Derwent Lodge fought well and the game was played in good spirit. The B team complete the term with three wins and a draw to their credit.

U11C’s won 2-0

Granville dominated the match from start to finish.  Ashani and Annabel proved a great pairing as GS and GA.  They worked well around the circle and had many shots on goal and were perhaps unlucky not to convert more into goals scored.  Amelia and Connie played energetically in attack, each playing half a game  in both the WA and WD position.  Hebe as Centre was able to pass any loose balls from the oppositions defence back towards our attacking end.  Unfortunately for Anna and Mira they did not have much defending to do as Derwent Lodge rarely were able to get the ball past our mid court players into their own attacking third.  An excellent team effort, however the score does not truly reflect our dominance!

U11D’s won 2-1

Again Granville proved a formidable force and too strong an opposition for Derwent Lodge.  Cordelia and Ashani played to each other’s strengths and were dominant in their circle attacking play.  Rebecca had a great game as Centre and with Lucy as WA were able to intercept some wayward passes from Derwent Lodge’s defenders to enable us to keep the ball mainly at our attacking end.  Amy as WD and Anna as GD had some important defending to do and Anna was especially strong in her intercepting and distribution of the ball. Madeline as GK had a fairly quiet game due to our strong defenders, but still had a part to play with some good side line throw on’s.  Derwent Lodge had two attempts at goal and managed to score a great goal from distance despite our defending.  Again, an excellent team effort in which the score does not truly reflect Granville’s