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Netball vs Hazelwood



Netball vs Hazelwood

U9 B v Hazelwood
Won 4 – 0

The girls were delighted to play in an away match, and enjoyed the journey to Hazelwood. Granville managed to keep possession, and put together some nice moves to enable Sophie to score in the first quarter. Hazelwood made a few good interceptions, but our defence of Allegra, Freya J and Izzy marked superbly to stop the ball getting into their attacking circle. Alice, Liyana, Cara and Freya I managed to get the ball to our shooters quite well, and another two goals were scored in the last half of the match. The pasta tea was much enjoyed by both of our teams. Well played girls!

U9 C v Hazelwood
Won 3 – 0

The C team played a great game in which they clearly displayed the good progression of skills they have made recently. We kept possession of the ball for the majority of the game, and when Hazelwood did gain possession we were quick to intercept. Jessica and Amelie proved a formidable force and worked brilliantly together as shooters. They scored two goals each. Gemma and Grace performed some good interceptions to gain possession and Daisy and Imogen displayed some good dodging skills. Our defence had little to do this match, however when the ball did make it to Hazelwood’s attacking area Beau was quick to respond. A really exciting game to watch. Well done Girls.