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Our Solar Space Week



Our Solar Space Week

This week we celebrated how amazing our Sun is. We had a special assembly for Reception to Year 6 on Monday about the Sun, and then learnt about different aspect of the Sun in lessons across the curriculum. We can’t wait to see some of the work the girls have done appear in the cloisters soon!
All year groups were involved, Reception studied shadows, Year 4 acted scenes related to space and 6V worked out the Maths of how big different planets were compared to the Sun.

Years 2 and 5 had a special afternoon session, where they shared their ideas and excitement about Sun based Science activities with their parents. They made fabulous solar prints, investigated what ultra violet light was and learnt lots about our Solar System. The Year 5’s shared their thoughts after in a questionnaire and noticed lots of skills they had practised such as determination and curiosity. If only the Sun had come out more, we could have then used our solar telescope which we are lucky enough to have, funded with support from the Dunn family- thank you!

We are sure we will get to use it more when the sun shines across the year.