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Penshurst Charity Event



Penshurst Charity Event

The Penshurst charity event held over lunch time on Wednesday was a huge success.

There were some beautiful crowns and tiaras worn to assembly.  Thanks to Mrs Guy and her wonderful team everyone enjoyed a lunch fit for a queen which included delicious Victoria sponges.  The games were great fun too and had a Royal theme.  Mr Whiting kindly set up all the tables for us.


May I take this opportunity to thank all the Penshurst girls who made games and ran stalls.  There was a lovely atmosphere.  Most importantly we raised over £560 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

“I enjoyed making my ‘Find the Queen’ game.  Lots of people tried to win the
teddy.  I’d like to thank Rose, Elsie and Lucy for helping on my stall.  We’d like to thank everyone who played the game.”

Katie Craggs

“I liked helping on Katie’s stall.  I won some sweets at the Penshurst Fair. ”

Lucy Webb

“I played ‘Find the Queen’, had a go on the ‘Royal Family Tombola’ and was
blindfolded and had to draw my best crown.  I won some sweets.  I also liked
helping on Katie’s stall.”

Rose Minty