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Personal, Social, Health and Cultural Education (PSHCE)



Personal, Social, Health and Cultural Education (PSHCE)

PSHCE is a complex but important area that the school covers informally and formally during each week. In the lower part of the school this takes place in a more teacher led setting, where role play is encouraged so that the children can improve their social skills and focus on relationship building between themselves, their peers and the wider school community.

In the Senior years the sessions become more child led as they begin to take responsibility for their actions and learning. They contribute through discussion and circle time, which acts as a forum for ideas and strategies. The girls are encouraged to take an active part in the lessons and enjoy the interaction. In this way they become familiar with situations and expectations of life and share the opportunity to discuss their feelings and experiences in a safe and comfortable environment. Throughout the school the ‘Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning’ (SEAL) underpin our curriculum.