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Sevenoaks Schools Green Doubles Tennis Tournament

On Saturday 14th March seven girls headed off to The Sennocke Centre at Sevenoaks School. The pairings were Lauren and Venetia, Telia and Lily, Kitty and Eva and Lucinda and a Walthamstow Hall girl (Lily) paired up to create a team called Wallyville. Telia and Lily reached the semi-finals but were knocked out by Wallyville. Kitty and Eva also reached the semi-finals but lost to Lauren and Venetia. Lauren and Venetia reached the finals but had an unfortunate loss against Wallyville. Lauren and Venetia won the trophy and the gold medals because a mixed team could not win them so Wallyville were presented with an Easter egg each. Telia and Lily won the place for 3rd but received the silver medals and Kitty and Eva came 4th. The girls all had an amazing time and are all happy with their results.

Report written by Venetia (6Q)