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Speech and Drama



Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama at The Granville School aims to develop skills that are tools for life. Skills which enrich self-awareness, relationships, confidence and learning. The teaching nurtures individuality and creativity, develops self-esteem, expression and empathy; encourages clear and imaginative communication; provides an opportunity to perform in a variety of contexts. Specialist subject teaching begins in Year 1 and sees the girls through till they leave the school in Year 6. All girls have a half hour lesson each week.

There are many and varied opportunities throughout the school year where the skills developed in Speech and Drama class work are put into action to practice good speech habits, maximise personal impact and enjoy performing e.g. readings (Christmas), choral poetry (Spring Festival), topic assemblies, introducing/thanking guest speakers.

In addition, each year the eagerly anticipated play productions take place at Christmas, in Year 4 and 6 where the Hall comes alive with characters in costumes and make-up amidst scenery, sound, lights! The ensemble playing and simple pleasure of vibrant storytelling bind classmates together in creative endeavour, bring pleasure to the school and parents alike and make on stage memories that are treasured long after they have left The Granville.

LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) Examinations in Speech

Annually, Years 1-3 take LAMDA exams in Speaking Verse and Prose. An examiner from LAMDA visits the school and the children performed their prepared poems. The younger children do so in Choral Groups, maintaining the strong tradition of poetry speaking at the school, and Year 3 take the exam individually. Reports are given to each child and certificates are awarded at Awards Day to each girl.

Results 2015: 52 Distinctions, 14 Merits

Drama Productions at The Granville

Play productions take place annually at Christmas (Nursery, Transition, Reception, Year 1 & 2); in Year 4 where both classes join together and in Year 6 as a Leavers’ Play.