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Sports of Granville

The Granville offers a successful netball programme for all girls at the school, as part of their core games activity. Our aim is for all girls to enjoy physical activity and team play through netball and for them to achieve the level of skill and commitment to the best of their ability.
The Granville girls have had much success over the years in local tournaments and have reached the National Finals on a numbers of occasions. Several Granville girls have gone on to play at county and regional level.

Cross Country
All girls take part in distance running in games lessons throughout the first term, this is to encourage good fitness and also begin training for the cross country season. For the more advanced runners there is early morning squad training. The Granville has a very high success rate in cross country competitions. Please see our highlights section for results.

Taught as part of the PE Curriculum, pupils have plenty of time to hone their skills.

Swimming is a life skill. Every child at The Granville is taught how to swim for safety, as well as being encouraged to swim for health and enjoyment.
The Granville has its own pool where children from nursery up to Yr3 swim once a week in the first half of the autumn term and the whole summer term. Once in Year4 the girls travel off site.
The House swim gala is held once a year and all girls form Yr4-Yr6 are involved, in addition to gala’s against local schools.
Elite swimmers are invited to join early morning swim training sessions, to hone their technique with highly qualified coaches from Sevenoaks Swim Club.

All girls participate in gymnastics where they learn about the basic themes of balance, rotation, flight, locomotion (travel) and inversion. The girls learn and perfect skills from these themes as well as adapt them to choreograph routines individually, in pairs and in small groups. Girls get the opportunity to perform on mats as well as on the small and large apparatus. There is also the opportunity for girls from Reception through to Year 3 to work towards achieving BAGA awards.

All girls participate in dance lessons where they will both perform and choreograph routines. They will have the opportunity to choreograph sections of a dance based on a theme both individually and in small groups. Girls will learn about the importance of performance quality as well as choreographic techniques used to help create and develop a dance.

As children progress through the school they all develop their athletic movement skills through the core PE curriculum. This is complemented by the games programme where those fundamentals are developed in relation to specific sports from Year 3 to Year 6.

The Year 3,4, 5 and 6 girls enjoy the opportunities to play matches in the summer term against other schools.

Cricket is being introduced to The Granville this summer (2018). With rising number of girls getting involved in cricket clubs and the great success of the women’s England team, we are excited to transfer our rounders skills over to cricket

Early years sport
All the children in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception enjoy at least one PE lesson every week. The children have opportunities to run, jump, climb, hop, skip and dance. We use a huge amount of resources and equipment to facilitate their learning and try to include both individual and team activities and games.
The aim is to develop the whole child physically and to ensure the children are both learning and having fun whilst being active.