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Sports Results: U10 and U11 v Hazelwood.



Sports Results: U10 and U11 v Hazelwood.

U10A v Hazelwood. Lost 5 – 10
It was another cold day, but Granville were happy to take on the challenge of Hazelwood in a 40 minute match. At half time, Hazelwood were 5 – 2 up, but Granville had seen plenty of the ball. After a half-time talk, Granville had a good third quarter and scored 2 goals to Hazelwood’s 1, but despite a more disciplined approach to their game, they couldn’t maintain the pressure to the end of the match. Further work on ‘V’ dodges is advised.

U10B v Hazelwood U10B Won 4 – 2.
U10B v Hazelwood U10C Won 2 – 1. (Played out of position)
This team had two shorter matches against the Hazelwood B’s and C’s. They got off to a ropey start, and were 2 – 0 down at half time. However, they then moved up a gear, and made improvement in every part of their game to score 4 goals in the second half without reply from Hazelwood. An excellent fight-back!

In their second match, Mrs Harman asked the girls to play out of position in an attempt to ensure a good even match against the Hazelwood C’s. Thank you girls! The B’s played well in new positions and were happy to win by 2 goals to 1.

U11A v Hazelwood. Won 11 – 4
The first quarter was the most tense. Both teams were well-drilled, and played quality netball. After settling down, Granville scored four quick goals to just one from Hazelwood. Both teams defended well in the second quarter, and at half time the score was 5 – 1 to Granville. It seemed unlikely that Hazelwood would catch up, so in the second half, the opportunity was taken to see how versatile our players were, and they played out of position. The girls were a little out of their comfort zones, which was good for them, and finished the match with a comfortable 11 – 4 win.

U11B v Hazelwood. Won 9 – 2
Hazelwood could only bring a team of six due to injury, so Granville took it in turns to lend them a different players each quarter – thank you girls! The Hazelwood coach umpired this match, and commented that the match was played with good spirit from both sides. Both teams created goal-scoring opportunities, and despite the scoreline, defence and attack had to work hard for their respective teams. A good win for Granville, who have a super B team!