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Spring Festival 2017



Spring Festival 2017

The Granville Spring Festival is a unique event and an annual tradition which dates back to the founding of the school.  Every child in the school is involved, the girls wearing delightful chaplets of flowers in their hair, whilst the boys wear buttonholes to celebrate the occasion.

Each year group performs a poem, a song and creates a giant Spring picture to decorate the walls of the Great Hall.  Year 6 parents adorn the Hall with Spring flowers.  Many of the songs are composed by the Year 6 girls who accompany on percussion.  Themes such as new-born lambs, buzzy bees and fluffy chicks are firm favourites.  Year 6 also retell the Easter story in a choral speaking presentation which is both dramatic and poignant.

Nursery children ring in the Spring, coming into the Hall with bells and entering the stage through an arch-way of decorated hoops.  A song of reflection towards the end brings together the solemnity of the Easter story and the joy of new life and the Spring.  A truly memorable and uplifting occasion for all.

The annual Spring Festival was once again a spectacular event.  Every class in the school took part.  The girls wore chaplets of spring flowers and the boys and the staff a button hole.  Thanks to the hard work of a team of dedicated parents, the hall was decked with beautiful spring flowers.  It looked stunning and the aroma was quite breath-taking.  The walls were adorned with giant spring pictures created by each class.

In turn, classes took to the stage and sang about the Easter story of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and  of his rising three days later.  The performance was superb and the singing enchanting.  Poems about the passing of winter were recited and further songs of spring, flowers and lambs were sung.

The Granville is very proud of its annual Spring Festival and the message of Easter.  It is always a highlight of the year for the children.