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Stirring the Pudding 2015



Stirring the Pudding 2015

Excitement was in the air as we all gathered in the Great Hall to celebrate some traditional Granville Christmas fun.


First the girls excitedly entered the hall, in anticipation for the arrival of the Christmas pudding. The Head Girl and the Deputy Head Girl, the House Captains and the Sports’ Captains all entered, dressed up as Ladies in Waiting, Court Jesters, Kings and Queens. We all danced joyfully around the hall in a snail shell shape, singing the Christmas Pudding song.


Mrs Guy and Mrs Worcester brought in the Christmas pudding ready to be mixed. One by one we all had a go at stirring the pudding whilst everyone else waited and formed a second spiral at the other end of the hall. Whilst on the stage the royal party jumped up and down in time to the song. Beside them two girls held up some signs to tell everyone what to sing. Both of the jesters lead the girls into a circle. They all looked very funny.


Once everyone had joined the second spiral we watched the royal party leave the hall, the pudding held high by Mrs Guy. When they had left the spiral slowed to a halt, and the girls at the end of the spiral started to lead off, all applauding ourselves as we went. Great fun was had by all.

By Kara, Telia and Margaux


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