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Stirring The Pudding 2016



Stirring The Pudding 2016

Stirring the Christmas Pudding is a Granville School tradition and a  highlight of the year for many of the School’s pupils.   This year the school was divined in half, Seniors and Juniors, so as to make more room in the Great Hall to dance and sing in circles to the tune of “Here comes the Pudding ….”  Year 6 girls acted as a Royal Party, with a King, Queen and attendants, with the School Cook and Deputy Cook dressed as Mrs. Christmas and Mrs. Holly.


There are also a couple of Year 6’s on hand with some helpful signings to assist everyone in remembering the words to the “Here comes the Pudding…” and “We all stir the Pudding…”.


Stirring the Christmas Pudding is a highlight of the year for every child.  It can be quite chaotic but always causes a lot of laughter and fun for the participants and watching teachers. We hope to carry on this tradition in the future and look forward to it every year.


Sophia, in Year 6, wrote the following review for the School Newsletter:

On the morning of the 28th November all the children gathered in the Great Hall for the legendary ‘Stirring the Pudding’.

Our marvellous cooks, led by Mrs Guy, provided raisins for us to stir into the pudding with a few wishes.

Entertainment was provided by our Jesters (Alice and Lucy).

Our fabulous ladies in waiting (Beau, Belle, Cara and Margot) did a great job looking after ‘King’ Jodie and ‘Queen’ Sophia!Everyone sang ‘There goes the pudding’, stirred and danced (including even our teachers!) to Mrs Eastwood’s beautiful accompaniment.

It was magical and great fun!

By Sophia