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Stirring The Pudding 2017



Stirring The Pudding 2017

Once again the pupils excelled at this wonderful Granville tradition, all stirring the pudding and singing along to “We all stir the pudding”. Did you know The Granville tradition of Stirring the Pudding is much older than the school itself? In Church of England churches the last Sunday before Advent is often called ‘Stir up Sunday’ because of the prayer for the day (the Collect) starts with the words ” Stir up, O lord, we beseech thee….”. It became a useful reminder to start making that Christmas pudding so that it would have time to mature and taste delicious when served on Christmas Day itself.

In olden times all families would have shared in the stirring of the pudding and making a wish, so we keep this tradition alive by all sharing in the stirring and making wishes with our Granville friends.