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Stirring the Pudding 2014



Stirring the Pudding 2014

Stirring the Christmas Pudding is a highlight of the year for every child.  The whole school dances and sings in circles round the Great Hall to the tune of “Here comes the Pudding ….”  Year 6 girls act as attendants and officials to the School Cook and Deputy Cook who are dressed as Mrs. Christmas and Mrs. Holly.

Christmas Puddings are traditionally made on ‘Stir Up Sunday’ which falls on the ‘next before Advent’.  The pudding mixture is stirred by the whole family and each make a wish.  The pudding should be stirred from East to West to honour the journey made by the Wise Men.

stirpuding2013 004

The Wednesday before ‘Stir up Sunday’,  The Granville have their own  Stirring of the Christmas Pudding celebration.


Year 6 girls dress as  King and Queen and their Ladies in Waiting. The Games Captains are the court jesters.

stirring 220

The ceremony starts with the youngest pupils, led by one of the jesters,  dancing into the hall forming a spiral.

stirpud 224

All other classes follow in hand in hand and the spiral increases.

stirpud 029

The Royal Party, made up of the King, Queen, Ladies in Waiting and the School Cook and her Assistant  enter the hall with the pudding mixture.

stirpud 290

They parade around the outside of the spiral and onto the stage with everyone singing ‘Here comes the Pudding’.

stirpud 150

Proceedings now re-start and the spiral  reverses and gradually everyone goes onto the stage to take a turn to stir the pudding.  All are singing ‘We all Stir the Pudding’, ‘We Wish on the Pudding’.

stirring 220





After they have stirred the pudding they leave the stage to form a new spiral  and everyone continues to dance, jump and sing.


Finally, after everyone has had a stir,  the Royal Party parade down from the stage and around the spiral to leave the hall with everyone singing ‘There goes the Pudding’.

Stirring the Christmas Pudding is a highlight of the year for every child.  It can be quite chaotic but always causes a lot of fun and laughter. Everyone enjoys this very memorable event.


A big thank you to the musicians.muscians