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Swimming Success



Swimming Success

Yet another win for our super swimmers; this time a school gala against Kent College. With so many talented swimmers at The Granville, competition for places is tough. There were a few new faces in this team, which was nice.

There were 19 races in total, and Granville won 12 of these, and were 2nd in five others. I am delighted to report that all three year groups won, and we also won the squadron relay.

U9’s – Granville 33 points, Kent College 27

U10’s – Granville 36 points, Kent College 25

U11’s – Granville 35 points, Kent College 25

Squadron – Granville 5 points, Kent College 5

OVERALL – Granville 109 points to Kent College 82.

Well swum everyone, and thank you in particular to our fabulous Year 6 team who have been an inspiration to the other year group’s, and achieved fantastic results in the pool over the last three years.