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Swimming Gala Success



Swimming Gala Success

The Granville girls from Years 4, 5 and 6 were very excited to have their third gala of the year against Radnor House on Tuesday.  We have been working hard in training on improving our starts, finishes and relay take overs in particular, so our girls were eager as always to perform to their best. We started strongly in the individual stroke races with some impressive wins and second places recorded from our girls.  In the relays Granville, once again, were dominant and all the hard practice definitely paid off as we had some brilliant take overs and finishes.  In fact, of the six relay races swum, Granville achieved 1st place in five and recorded 1st and 2nd place in four of the races!

Really super swimming girls and tremendous team work!

Granville looked really dominant and so we look forward to hopefully repeating this in our next gala on the 22nd March.


U9   Radnor House 25   Granville 27
U10 Radnor House 22  Granville 40
U11 Radnor House 21  Granville  33

OVERALL WINNERS – GRANVILLE with 107 points to Radnor House’s 68.