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The Granville Celebrates Christmas 2016



The Granville Celebrates Christmas 2016

The day before the term ends is traditionally Christmas party day and  an opportunity for the children to buy gifts from their friends and family from kind donations made to  The ‘Friends of Granville’ (school parents’ association) Secret Santa Grotto.celebrate_1

The children arrived in school in their party clothes and each class celebrated Christmas with a class party.  Throughout the day classes took turns to visiting the Secret Santa Grotto and have the opportunity to meet Santa himself.


A vast array of gifts were wrapped in cellophane and ribbons and displayed in the shop.  The children selected gifts for their families.  Once gifts had been paid for the children were directed into Santa’s Grotto where Santa’s elves gift wrapped their purchases.

celebrate_3 celebrate_4

The ‘Friends of Granville’  team had worked extremely hard to prepare Secret Santa Grotto.  The rooms were  transformed into a dazzling Christmas spectacular.  A big thank you to all the elves who took time out of their schedules to wrap present and manage the Grotto.

The Granville was delighted to welcome again professional Storytellers who enthralled the children with their energetic and entertaining story telling throughout the day.  The Duo of Storytellers interwove timeless stories and music from around the world to stimulate and enrich the children’s imagination.



The day before Party Day the pupils were provided with a lovely Christmas Dinner, prepared by the Granville’s talented Kitchen Staff. They all enjoyed themselves immensely and had great fun sharing crackers with each other while eating thier Christmas Dinner. The Cracker prizes and Party Hats were used to the amusement of Staff and Pupils alike.




We all hope that the Pupils and Staff have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We also look forward to the Pupils return with stories of the holiday.