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The Grinch!



The Grinch!

What a Grinchtastic time Year 1 and 2 had on Saturday December 4th. I am sure you will agree that each and every pupil excelled in their roles in this vibrant and dynamic production. Whilst these talented girls made the play look seamless and easy, the complexity of the show, the entrances and exits, the dialogue, the dancing … was no mean feat! I was absolutely delighted with their focus, commitment and creative performance. Every moment was relished and delivered to an incredible standard and it is the girls hard work that enabled us to have such a magical time. I must applaud all the parents for the wonderful costumes and hair, AMAZING! Plus, I cannot forget the hard work and dedication of all the staff involved here at The Granville, in particular Mr Whiting for building the glorious set, Mrs Dorey and Mrs Hughes for the set and trimmings, Mrs Eastwood for her brilliant music and song choices and our gap student Kate Peters for the programme and generally being a terrific help. I am sure you will agree the show was a treat from start to finish and I do hope you all had as proud and wonderful time watching them as I did.


A very Merry Christmas.


Mrs Williams.


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