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Juniors (Key Stage 1)



Juniors (Key Stage 1)

“The quality of  the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.”
ISI Report 2017

Age 5-7 years: The joy of learning

The Junior department (Key Stage One) is a busy, challenging and exciting environment.  Above all, it is a welcoming place where the development of individual strengths and talents is at the heart of everything we do.   Staff strive to develop the talents, skills and enthusiasm for learning that will help the girls thrive.  Recognition of individual effort and achievement is a key element of our ethos. Girls are encouraged to challenge the boundaries of their own learning which ensures a strong foundation for future success.  An open door policy is adopted and parents are encouraged to take an active part in their children’s progress.

Reception, Class 1 and Class 2 girls build on the firm foundations established in Kindergarten (the Early Years Foundation Stage).  Well-qualified, experienced teachers support and nurture the children, helping them to consolidate their emerging skills and understanding, and leading them towards becoming confident, more independent learners.  They are encouraged to do their best and to enjoy working and playing together in a happy environment where every contribution is valued.  Classrooms are bright, cheerful and stimulating and the girls begin a varied curriculum with staff with whom they are familiar.  Classroom Assistants work within each class.

The main educational emphasis is still on developing reading, writing and number work.  Pupils’ understanding of the world around them is developed further through stimulating cross-curricular topic work in science, geography and history and is enhanced with art work, use of the school grounds and educational visits.  The girls are encouraged to explore and ask questions.  Specialist teaching in computers, drama, French, music, P.E., art and D.T. is included in the curriculum. School assemblies are an important part of learning about beliefs and other cultures and there is a structured R.E. programme that keeps its emphasis on Christianity whilst considering other faiths and festivals.  The teaching and curriculum, whilst maintaining certain valuable traditions, incorporates many recent educational ideas. Whilst we have taken on board requirements of the National Curriculum, we are working at levels well above its requirements.

Personal and social skills are honed in a friendly, positive and caring atmosphere, strengthening confidence and self-esteem.  Social understanding is developed through co-operation with and respect for one another. One of our most enduring and valued traditions is the programme of Granville festivals. These are whole school occasions which celebrate various events throughout the year through music, drama, poetry and dance.

Birds’ Festival

Children in the Early Years and Junior departments sing and read poems about birds in front of a school and family audience Read more ….

Spring Festival

Granville’s Spring Festival is perhaps one of the highlights of the School’s year.  All the girls wear chaplets of fresh flowers on their heads and the Great Hall is decorated with flowers by the mothers. Read more …..

spring Fest


Class 1 Visit Kent Life

Class 1 recently attened Kent life to learn more about the world around them. Read more…