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The Magical World of Roald Dahl



The Magical World of Roald Dahl

Year 3 enjoyed an acting masterclass delivered by the Long Lane Theatre Company based around the imaginative and memorable characters created by Roald Dahl.

The workshop opened with a short play performed by two professional actors. The girls were enthralled as they watched their favourite Roald Dahl characters including the BFG, Matilda and Mr Twit come to life in front of their eyes.

Then after a very lively Busy Bee warm-up exercise, the girls took part in an interactive and energetic acting workshop. The girls were shown how to create characters based on animals and were then encouraged by the actors to transform into characters of their own creation.

Finally, the girls worked in small groups to construct a short scene that showed the personalities, voice and movements of their characters. We watched each performance eagerly and were very proud that we could recognise the animal that each character had been based.