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U10 A and B Netball Tournament at Walthamstow Hall

U10A team

The U10A team were very enthusiastic about the prospect of playing in this tournament. There were ten local schools playing in the A team competition. Our first match, against Kent College, was played at a fast pace, and Granville seemed to have possession more than KC. However, they had two excellent defenders, and it was hard to get the ball through to our shooters. KC sneaked a goal in to win 1 – 0. Two good wins against Hilden Oaks and Russell House followed, as well as a draw against Walthamstow Hall. Unfortunately, Granville lost against Farringtons, so the last four matches were important in deciding where we would finish. Two wins against Hazelwood and Rose Hill showed us in good light, but two draws against Sevenoaks prep and Derwent Lodge meant that our overall position was 5th in the section. Grace and Kara scored 21 goals, and Granville only had 10 scored against them. The girls were unlucky to have got three draws – a couple more wins would certainly have put us in contention for the trophy. Well done to all players, particularly Eleanor and Izzy who were outstanding. Telia, Lily and Lucinda played to a very high standard throughout the afternoon.


V Kent College lost 0-1
V Hilden Oaks won 4-1
V Walthamstow Hall drew 3-3
V Russell House won 5-1
V Farringtons lost 0-2
V Derwent Lodge drew 1-1
V Hazelwood won 3-0
V Sevenoaks Prep drew 1-1
V Rose Hill won 4-1

U10B team

The U10B team got off to a flying start winning their first match 3-0. Emma and Heather played superbly in the circle, with quick passing and scoring lots of goals. Over the next few matches the girls kept the momentum going and the defence worked hard, with Annabelle and Katie making some wonderful interceptions Katya happily stepped in to play GK when Katie suffered an ankle injury and played very well in a position that she is not familiar with, well done. Sadly, the girls narrowly missed out on making it to the semi-finals, coming 3rd in their group. Well done to all of the girls you played a very high standard of netball.


V Chiddingstone won 3-0
V Farringtons drew 1-1
V Hilden Oaks won 3-1
V Kent College lost 0-1
V Anthony Roper won 1-0
V Derwent Lodge lost 0-1