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 What an exciting time our U10 Netball team had on a lovely Spring Saturday morning in the area tournament at Russell House.  There were seven teams in the tournament (including Granville) and so we had six matches to play.  We knew some of our opposition would be hard to beat and it was a very open competition.

In our first game we took a while to settle into our stride and although we played well we did make mistakes and Derwent Lodge capitalised on these to take an early lead.  Although we came back in the second half we were unable to secure more goals and Derwent Lodge won the match.   In our second game against St. Michael’s, Granville settled quickly and lead from the off with a very early goal.  Our passing was more accurate and we were able to secure four goals to win the game with relative ease. Our third match was a game of two very different halves.  We started off very well and were the stronger team with good sprinting into space to receive the ball and again very accurate passing.  We were 2-0 up at half time and the match was ours to be won.  However, in the second half Granville lost their focus and Sevenoaks Prep took full advantage of this, managing to score four goals in quick succession to beat us.  The girls knew they had thrown away a good opportunity for a win and so were a little downcast, but they quickly had their ‘chins up’ ready for the next match that the girls said they would definitely win!In the fourth match we knew Walthamstow Hall had already won all of their games, so this was the team to beat!  We started brilliantly with efficient passing, excellent defending and some beautifully timed interceptions.  It was an extremely close match and could have gone either way, however Granville dug deep and secured a fantastic win by one goal. Hilden Oaks were our next challenge and although we played well we made some unforced errors, but held on to an early lead and won the match.  Our defence worked very hard to keep the ball from their shooting circle.In our final match we played the hosts Russell House.  We lead from the start with two very early goals.  We were very strong in our attacking play, spreading the ball across the width of the court, especially in the middle third.  In the second half Granville increased their lead and won the match convincingly.



v Derwent Lodge Lost 3-1

v St. Michael’s Won 4-1

v Sevenoaks Prep Lost 4-2

v Walthamstow Hall Won 3-2

v Hilden Oaks Won 2-0

v Russell House Won 4-1


Player of the Match was awarded by the oppositions umpire after each game and I am delighted to reveal that Izzy, Telia, Grace and Lucinda all received at least one nomination or more for this.  Well done!


There were to be no semi-final matches this year and so the results were based on matches won and lost as well as goals scored for and against.  After a nervous wait the scores were revealed in reverse order and I am delighted to announce that Granville came second and so were Runners Up!  A really achievement and team effort.   Well done to all girls involved who represented the school so brilliantly.