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U10 Netball v Hazelwood



U10 Netball v Hazelwood

U10A won 7 – 4
U10B lost 2 – 8

The A team fixture was a very evenly matched, high quality game, with lovely passing and receiving from both teams. However, Hazelwood had the defensive edge in the first half making scoring goals impossible for Grace and Kara. At half time Hazelwood were 3 – 0 up. However, after a half time chat on how our shooters could overcome the long arms of the opposition, Granville set off with true grit. Telia had the first centre pass and with Eleanor’s help the ball went to Grace who scored, and the team visibly relaxed. The Granville scored again immediately with good teamwork between Kara and Grace in the circle, and excellent support outside from Eleanor. Now our defensive players started to control the game and Lucinda and Izzy made interception after interception to stop the Hazelwood attack from scoring. Lily took the ball well from the defence back to Telia and so our girls continued to pop in the goals. The final score was 7 – 4 to The Granville. The Hazelwood team voted Telia as their player of the match. A brilliant team effort and a great result. Well done to all of you.

The B team enjoyed their trip out on a relatively warm day. They were keen to perform well, and tried very hard to keep possession. Hazelwood just had the better of us in every area of play and scored five goals to just one from Granville in the first half. There was much to do. After deciding that passes needed to be flatter and more direct, Granville were more successful in general play, but Hazelwood still scored another three goals to a reply of one. A good effort though, and the game highlighted places where improvement can be made. Well tried girls.