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U10 Rounders v Hazelwood



U10 Rounders v Hazelwood

U10A v Hazelwood. Lost 13 – 11.5

This was not a bad result, given that we had hardly had any practice because of Bank Holidays and rain on Mondays! Granville were put into bat first, and had a terrible start, with four of our first five batters out first ball! Maisee, Georgina and Kitty kept going though, and Venetia scored one and a half rounders before getting out. Kitty was strong with the bat, and scored well with her first hit. They got us out in 20 balls with a score of 5.5. Granville picked up, and although Hazelwood scored 9.5, we fielded quite well. In the second innings, everyone was much more focussed, and Venetia, Maisee and Maddy all scored rounders. We closed the gap on their score, but it wasn’t quite enough. Maddie W had a great game on 2nd post.

U10B v Hazelwood. Lost 17 – 15

(to be added)

U10C v Hazelwood. Lost 13.5 – 6

Most of these rounders (for both sides) were given away, rather than earned, but the girls had a nice game, despite the short sharp burst of rain in the middle of the match! This game was umpired by two lovely ladies from Hazelwood, who helped coach both teams during the game. Miranda captained well, and her comments to me afterwards were very sound. She praised Helena for good batting and fielding. Well tried girls, and hopefully, with a little more practice we will do a bit better. Keep throwing and catching whenever you can!