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U10 Russell House Netball Tournament Winners



U10 Russell House Netball Tournament Winners

What an exciting tournament the U10A netball team played on Saturday morning, March 4th.

The girls arrived full of enthusiasm and excitement. We knew we had a great team line up, so the girls were really excited to see which teams we could play well against.

In our first match we played against Russell House. Granville had lots of early chances to score, however we struggled to secure our first goal. We were by far the stronger side and once we scored our first goal, they just kept on coming! A great second half game and Granville were able to win comfortably.

In our second match we played Walthamstow Hall who proved to be much tougher opposition. At half time we were two goals down and Walthamstow Hall were playing brilliantly. But Granville dug deep and upped their game. It was a really thrilling match as Granville made their comeback and went on to get three goals on the trot to take the lead and win the match.

Our third match saw us play against a very strong performing Farrington’s team. They started brilliantly scoring a very early goal. But Granville were all fired up and full of determination. They were not going to let Farrington’s beat them. With a great display of attacking as well as defending Granville powered through to win convincingly.

In our final match we faced St Michael’s knowing that having already won all our earlier matches, if we could win this, we would be the out-right winners! So although the girls were tired, as we had played three games in a row, Granville played brilliantly and managed to beat St Michaels with ease.

What a fantastic morning of netball the entire squad deserved their place in the team and every single one of them played fantastically. They should all be very proud of themselves and their efforts, I know I am. Well done girls!


v Russell House WON 6 -0
v Walthamstow Hall WON 5 – 3
v Farrington’s WON 5 – 2
v St. Michael’s WON 6 -0