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U10 v Walthamstow Hall



U10 v Walthamstow Hall

Granville U10A v Walthamstow Hall U10A – Won 6 – 1

Granville U10B v Walthamstow Hall U10B – Lost 3 – 4

Granville U10B v Walthamstow Hall U10A – Lost 2 – 8

Granville U10C v Walthamstow Hall U10B – Lost 1 – 9

The U 10 A netball team played very well against Walthamstow Hall’s A team. The opposition had the first centre pass but we turned this around and scored first. Our defence had to work hard to keep Walthamstow Hall from scoring but did very well. Once the ball was out of the danger zone our team passed the ball beautifully down the court to our shooters who were on form, putting most of their shots into the goal. The team had to work hard but came away victorious with a 6 – 1 result. Well done!

Our B team also had a match against Walthamstow Hall A team. We started nervously as the girls felt that we were probably the underdogs, as we were playing an A team. However, we soon began to realise that there was not a great deal of difference in standard, and as our confidence grew so did our possession of the ball. We showed some very good passing and receiving skills and the attacking players managed to get the ball to the shooters several times. Although we lost, the 2 – 8 score was pretty good for a B team v an A team.

The U10B team was well-matched with Walthamstow Hall. Throughout the match, tight marking meant that passes had to be accurate and away from defenders. The ball went from end to end, and it was very exciting when the defenders intercepted the ball just before it went into their shooting circle. Each centre pass became crucial as the teams battled to three goals each. Then five seconds before full-time, Walthamstow Hall scored a goal to win the match.

Our U10C team were happy to play, but unfortunately, found themselves playing their B team. Granville had some moments of brilliance in each third, but Walthamstow Hall managed to intercept loose passes and set up more attacking moves than us. Their shooters were very accurate and scored nine times. However, a big cheer was heard from players and spectators when we got our one and only goal! It was a nice feeling in this friendly match.