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U10A,B,C&D Netball v Hazelwood



U10A,B,C&D Netball v Hazelwood

The A’s played some impressive netball at times against an equally skilled Hazelwood team.  Both teams were         determined in their play and the lead changed hands many times.  In the end Hazelwood snuck two late goals in to win the game which was a very even match.

The B’s had a very exciting game.  Granville got some early goals, were leading for much of the game and displayed some good flowing netball at times.    However, in the final quarter Hazelwood managed to score three goals in quick succession to take the lead.  Granville dug deep and with great determination and strong attacking they were able to equalise in the final seconds and the match ended in a well fought draw.

A team Lost 9-7

B team Drew 7-7

The C and D teams both had tough oppositions who, unfortunately,  managed to outplay them. The girls in both teams demonstrated good play at times, however Hazelwood were stronger and managed to win both games. Despite the scores, the girls kept trying and didn’t give up.

The C team 13-3 Lost

The D team 10-2 Lost