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This was simply one of the most exciting rounders matches that I have been involved in whilst at The Granville. For the IAPS tournament each team has to play two innings each and the fielding team must get out every single player of the opposition before they can bat.

Granville won the toss and so opted to bat first. Derwent Lodge clearly had some big hitters on their team and so were managing to score some excellent rounders. At times Granville lost concentration dropping several catches and so Derwent Lodge were managing to creep into a very strong lead. We were struggling to get their players out and so Derwent Lodge continued to increase their lead. Granville managed to get a few players out in a row by stumping at first and second base and then after an innings that lasted a good half an hour Derwent Lodge were all out having scored an impressive 19.5 rounders.

Now it was Granville’s turn to bat and the girls had a huge task ahead of them. We started off very slowly getting the odd half rounder here and there. The Derwent Lodge girls were very efficient with their fielding and prevented us from scoring more as they caught several of our players out and were covering all bases really well. However, Granville were not to be beaten easily and chipped away at Derwent Lodge by scoring lots of half rounders and Telia, Grace and Izzy then started to hit some excellent long balls that allowed them to score full rounders. Ava, Lily, Telia, Izzy and Grace were our last batsmen and kept the pressure on Derwent Lodge. After an equally long innings Granville had dug deep and managed to score an equally impressive 16.5.

It was all to play for and although Derwent Lodge had the upper hand, either team was very capable of winning. So after some half time talks and with renewed vigour Granville were ready and would not go down without a fight.

In the second innings Granville were alert and really determined to try and win! We were communicating well and fielding so much better as a team. We got out several of their players early on and this gave Granville a real boost of confidence. Eleanor and Telia both caught out players by performing fantastic catches. Izzy displayed lightning reactions to catch out one of the Derwent Lodge girls with an amazing one handed catch, drawing gasps from both teams and all spectators! We played brilliantly together and at the end of Derwent Lodge’s second innings they had only managed to score 8 rounders giving them a combined total of 27.5.

Granville knew they had to bat with consistency to put pressure on Derwent Lodge’s fielders and really think about the tactics of the game if they were to win. After most girls scoring half rounders and with Louisa,
Telia and Grace scoring full rounders we were steadily catching Derwent Lodge’s score. Our final four
players were Grace, Ava, Lily and Louisa and they held the game together putting pressure on the fielders and scoring further half and full rounders. After Louisa and Lily were caught we only had two players left and were still not equal with Derwent Lodge. The excitement was palpable and both Grace and Ava managed to play some great tactical rounders. Grace is to be fully commended for scoring 4 full rounders at the end of game which led to us finish the innings with a total of 33 rounders!! We were all delighted!

A truly fantastic win for Granville!

And so we are through to the next round of the IAPS.

Well done to ALL girls for a fantastic team effort.

Team: Izzy, Telia, Kara, Lily, Lucinda, Grace, Eleanor, Ava, and Louisa.