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U11 Netball v Hazelwood



U11 Netball v Hazelwood

U11A Lost 7 – 14

U11B Won 7 – 3

U11C Won 7 – 2

U11D Lost 2 – 4

The U11A team played a very strong team from Hazelwood. After the first quarter, Hazelwood had stormed into a 5 – 2 lead, which was extended to 9 – 4 at half time. Granville tried a few subtle position changes, but unfortunately for us, Hazelwood remained the dominant team, and finally won the match 14 – 7. Our unbeaten record has now gone, but we realise that more work is needed particularly on maintaining possession. The third quarter was by far the best, when three goals were scored in quick succession.

The B team kept their cool, and after a quarter it was one goal each. Granville pulled away in the second quarter to have a two-goal lead at half time. The girls continued to keep the pressure on, and the final score was a 7 – 3 win. This team are to be congratulated on their tenacity and general team work which made it hard for Hazelwood to find rhythm with their passing. Maisee and Georgina worked well together in the circle.

The U11C team played a really strong game right from the starting whistle. We maintained much of the possession throughout the game and were able to pass the ball with consistency. Granville shooters Helena and Annabel were extremely accurate with their shooting and managed to get some fantastic long range shots in. The girls played well together as a team and dominated throughout.

The U11D team are improving their game with each match they play. It was a fairly equal game although Hazelwood proved slightly stronger in their attacking play. Madeline played well in defence and was able to prevent Hazelwood from scoring more goals. We were stronger in the second half, keeping greater possession, attacking with more determination and were able to score two good goals.