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U11 Rounders v Combe Bank



U11 Rounders v Combe Bank

Granville U11A v Combe Bank U11A. Granville won by 13 Rounders to 4.

What a fabulous start to the season! In 27 balls (one innings), the A’s fielded well enough to keep Combe Bank’s score down to 4 rounders. Zoe B on 2nd post was very useful, and the bowling/backstop combination of Jemima and Scarlet is beginning to develop. They worked well as a team, and despite a few errors in fielding were fairly happy at the change-over, having got the whole team out in 21 balls. Ella M was superb as opening batter; scoring 4 rounders off four balls received.

Perfect! Other good scores with the bat came from Rosie T who scored 2½ rounders, and Scarlet and Georgia who scored 2 each.

Granville U11B v Combe Bank U11A. A draw, 7½ to 7½.

Having won their first match convincingly against the B team, Granville knew they would have to work hard against Combe Bank A team. Combe Bank batted first, and achieved 7½ Rounders.
Alice Churchill had a great start catching their opening batter out on 2nd post. Lucy Bullock was very good as backstop, and discovered that her throw to Jessica on first post was effective; they got two out this way. With the bat, Alice was top scorer, scoring two good rounders off her first two balls. Zoe N-P and Freya both scored 1½ rounders, and took chances well.

Granville U11B v Combe Bank U11B. Granville won by 10 rounders to 2½.

Caitlin bowled well in this match. Lucy, Jessica and Alice were also strong in their fielding
positions. Tight fielding meant that Combe Bank found it hard to score. Granville filled all the spaces in deep field, and were quick onto the ball. In batting, Alice, Lucy, Freya, Zoe N-P, Caitlin and Nicole all scored.

Granville U11C v Combe Bank U11B. Granville lost 7 – 7½.

This was a very exciting match, as the score suggests. Granville kept Combe Bank under pressure by batting well. Unfortunately, they were not given the chance to show the extent of their batting skills because many no-balls were bowled to them. Amelia C, Amelia D and Millie hit particularly well. Granville fielded nicely, and enjoyed the match, despite the narrow loss.