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U8 Netball Festival



U8 Netball Festival

The U8’s all enjoyed their first competitive matches when they took part in the Granville Versality Netball Festival. We welcomed two teams each from Hilden Oaks and Russell House. There were two sections. Each team played everyone else in their section, and in each match, they had to play in a different part of the court so every girl had a chance to shoot; defend and also play in the centre court. On the terrace court Granville A team finished level on points with Hilden Oaks A team, but Hilden Oaks were awarded runners-up position on account of a better goal difference.


The other teams played on the upper court, and Granville put in two teams to play against Hilden Oaks B and Russell House B. Russell House were struck down with team illness at the last minute, and could only bring five players, so in the true spirit of the afternoon, Granville’s two spare players helped them out. Granville Green finished in 4th place, just two points behind Russell House B. Runners-up were Hilden Oaks B, and Granville Red were thrilled to emerge as winners!


Thank you to all supporters, and to the parents who provided delicious cakes for the visiting adults t to enjoy.